Usage And Rights - Freqently Asked Questions

Q: I downloaded a Poser™-compatible file from your freebies section. Now I want to sell a render that contains this item. Can I do that?

A: Absolutely, yes. That’s what I put my freebies up for.

Q: I want to build parts from a Poser™ content file of yours into a product I want to sell, can I do that?

A: No, that is redistribution. Besides that it shows bad manners, it’s also a crime in every legal system that deserves this name.

Q: I am a teacher and want to use one of your anatomy/proportion tables in class. Can I just print 24 copies and hand them out to my students?

A: Even though the answer would be, that this is redistribution, I would never take action against the use of my material in any teaching environment. I only ask you, not to remove my ©opyright/-branding from the prints.

Q: Can we add your proportion tables to our book/magazine/newspaper/poster/postcard/game/website?

A: Not if you haven’t paid me for the right to copy. How much, will depend on how commercial your project is.

Q: I want a friend to have some of your Poser™ content files. Can I burn him/her a CD?

A: And what, if your friend shares the stuff in the digital wilderness, and I track you down for being the original downloader. Would you still be friends, then? To share my freebies nice, save and easy, just tell your friend to visit this site and download what they want for themselves.

Q: We want to have one of your tutorials/images/proportion tables on our free website.

A: Let me know your URL and we can discuss this.

Q: I have a question you didn’t answer here.

A: Contact me