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The Wearable Sculptures of *arcebus.

The multi-talented “arcebus” studied fine art; ran an advertising agency, worked freelance in digital 3D for over a decade and has now returned to traditional artwork. He is the producer of a range of heavy, handmade pendants whose themes include fantasy, weirdness, off-mainstream and sometimes even humour…

His shabby-chic pieces function on many levels. They are “Wearable Art”: worthy predecessors of a Modernist movement described by Marbeth Schon as having been popularised in the 1930’s –1960’s. However this art genre has recently been reinvigorated by the postmodern need of consumers wishing to enunciate their own voice and even declare tribal allegiances. Mid 20th century Artwear producers took bodily ornamentation to a new level, going beyond mere decorative jewellery and the talismanic works of arcebus develop this function, producing statements, which communicate something about the contemporaneity of the wearer. Drawing upon a rich mix of sources, his September 2012 collection juxtaposes mediaeval imagery, hi-tech digital concepts redolent of computer gaming, Goth together with neo-pagan visuals. It even touches on the BDSM scene popularised in the current “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

The ‘ShutupStatement’ was the impetus for this series and was originally a gift for a friend living ‘an alternative lifestyle’. This piece is a meditation on identity and self-delivery. A woman wearing a pendant that conveys the attraction of female self-exposure is in itself a feedback loop illustrating that the wearer is confident enough to ‘play’ with such an identity. This outlet enables her to display pride in her ability to perform off-mainstream parts of her personality, arcebus facilitates the articulation of evolving 21st century desires. His pioneering and unique approach is sure to provoke a rush of imitators catching onto the possibilities of this genre for niche self-expression.

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