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The *arcebus RealReference©Posters
Anatomy Charts Made Beautiful.

The RealReference©Posters by arcebus fulfil the needs of classroom education, as well as those of the self-teaching artist. All depictions are in planar projection, thus 100% free of perspective distortion, allowing for an easy use both in drawing and sculpting. Unlike many, many other resources out there, from working with the *arcebus Anatomy Charts, one can tell, that their creator really knows what he is doing
Excellent graphics, an extraordinary production quality and a strictly academic design make the Reference Tables a valuable tool.

Printed in a “wet” photochemical process from 136.7+ MPix  files, the prints are robust enough to last for 30 years under normal indoor conditions. A non-reflective surface helps to see what’s going on, even in difficult lighting. Unlike with bubble-jet prints, dust removal is no problem, too.

The prints are delivered rolled in a sturdy box, without framing.

We have two sizes in stock:
- Atelier Size ~ approximately 27.5 by 55 inches (70 x 140 cms)  and
- Small Size ~ approximately 17.7 by 35.4 inches (45 x 90 cms)

Anatomy Chart Wallpapers from 9 up to 18 feet width are available on request. During the next months a range of additional figures will be worked into more posters. If you need something special, please don’t hesitate to use the Contact Form to let us know, and we will see what we can do. And don’t forget to sign up for our Newsletter to stay informed about new releases and price-reduced offers.

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RealReference Female 35 RealReference Male 39 RealReference Female 12 RealReference Male 14 RealReference Female 21 RealReference Female 16 RealReference Chubby Female 24