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The *arcebus Reference Books:

Anatomy for Artists

Arcebus, the sculptor, draughtsman, jewellery-designer and infamous digital artist, presents a unique series of reference images for artists.

Based on a highly sophisticated workflow which includes digital sculpting, top-notch expertise and lots and lots of manual image-processing, each book contains reference images in 12 different, carefully selected sets. Every book features one person, and shows a range of really useful poses this person takes.

The collection offers an extensive, rich source for proportional references, all based on actual persons and taking advantage of European/Caucasian statistical averages.

What makes this collection so special is the fact, that every single pose and proportion reference is shown in multiple versions. Both regular perspectives and parallel-projection is used. This is, where the arcebus-developed workflow beats photographic or traditionally drawn references, easily: precision in the depiction and a non-offensive presentation. With a little practice the artist is able to locate the physical attributes of the depicted figure inside the workspace.

On 172+ pages, mostly full-page images make the books easy to work with. A compact explanation of the projection principles used, smoothes the corners the artist needs to pass. This allows for the seasoned artist to continuously refine his work, and for the beginner to seriously get into the matter of proportional correct sculpting, drawing and painting.

As usual, Arcebus listens: if you would like to have a special theme and/or person being part of the book series, contact us. And we will see what we can do.

The techniques used for this book result in realistic graphics.
The books depict artistic nudity. Parental/Teachers discretion is advised.

The books are offered at a reduced, pre-publication/subscription price until their publication dates. Typical class-room amounts of the same issues can be requested at reduced prices at any time.

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