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Publication Date: Autumn 2013

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01 Introductions:

01a The authors

01b This book

02 Safety Precautions

03 Setting up your working space: Lights

04 Rigging

04a Essential Tools

- wire

- tongs

04b Setting up a rig:

- fastening

- finding proportions/using references

- aluminum foil

- other filling material

- inner skeletons

05 Sculpting

05a Essential Tools

- shaping tools

- helpers (heatgun, oven, thermometers, alarm-clock etc.)

05b Sculpeys Advantages and Disadvantages

- Sculpey against AirDryClays

- Sculpey against Wax

- Why Sculpey can't be compared to CeramicClay, Plasticine, EpoxyPutties

05c Conditioning Sculpey™

-- comparing Original Sculpey, SuperSculpey, SuperSculpey Firm, Premo

-- mixing Sculpey to gain specific properties

- Mixing and blending procedures

-- manually

-- meat chopper

-- pasta machine

05d Sculpting

- additive techniques

- substractive techniques

05e Dirty Tricks

- multi-step techniques solving workflow problems

- partial curing

- using (yes, you will love it…)

- inner skeletons/fast posing

- fixing breaks

- multi-part work for mould-making

- sculptures including pre-made objects (Coffee-Fae)

- etc...

06 Finishing

06a Essential Tools

- knifes

- sanding tools

- Proxxon Milling Tools

06b Finishing Workflow

- final curing

- planing

- shape refinement and detail work (Proxxon)

- shape refinement and detail work (cutting techniques)

- dry sanding

- wet sanding

- polishing and structuring

07 Sculpey™ with Claws

(Special 1)

08 Sculpey™ with Bones

(Special 2)

09 Sample Works: Podkayne Of Mars

(Base modelling techniques in use)

(Multi-Step Building Strategy)

10 Sample Works: CoffeeCupFaries

(Combining found objects with sculptures)

11 Sample Works: Lara Croft Contest Entry

(Unusual rigging techniques)

(Intensive usage of external rigs)

12 Sample Works: Hugging

(Multi-Part Sculpture For Mold Replication)

(Intensive usage of inner skeleton)

13 Sample Works: Relaxing Girl

(Non-Wire-Rigged Sculptures)

14 Sample Works: GasssMassk

(Combining Sculpey with flexible materials)


a1 Comparing Modeling Materials

a2 The *arcebus Sculpting Pod

a3 Basic Proportion Tables

a4 In Detail: Making Your Own Tools

a5 Mould-making

a6 Presentation tricks/photo set-ups

*Arcebus  with Meggan Sloas

Figure Sculpting
with Sculpey™ Polymer Clay

As far as figurative sculpting is concerned, this book gives the entire Sculpeyverse at your hands:

For this book, *arcebus teamed up with US sculptor and art-teacher-to-be, Meggan Sloas.

This is the provisional chapter list.

We are pretty sure that several changes will take place before the book goes live…

The book will contain well above 360 Pages, will be in the large 8.5”x11” size, and comes in Full Colour.. A little lightbox is below: