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Turntable List

We started to will install a pretty unique way to get proportional visual references… online….interactive….

The big advantage with our technique, compared to what a photo can offer:

- reliable static poses, where a human model would move

- choose your viewing angle in 5° steps, in the exact same pose (a life-saver for sculptors…)
- zoom in/out, watch full-screen

- top-notch proportions (35 years of experience can have their advantages)

- a non-offensive “clay” set-up of the surface (to allow for using the turntable in age-sensitive environment - and simply to keep the weirdos away).

- inexpensive pricing, artist-friendly conditions with no strings attached, no recurring billing.

HERE is explained, how the turntables work

If you want to take a little peek, here is a full-size sample showing one of our turntables.

A free membership with our FreebieSection gives you access to some more Turntables Samples, displaying different figures in the classical vitruvian pose - as shown above Lots more to come during time, both ín the Freebies and as regular Turntables.

Free Samples available!

All RealReference©Turntable Sets contain 12 different installations. Unless otherwise indicated, each set shows the same figure in different poses.

To access the Turntables, you need:

- a halfway contemporary computer, with 2 GB of RAM or better

- an actual version of a modern browser. We test with Chrome®,    Firefox®, InternetExplorer® and Opera®, and recommend using   Chrome® for the best speed experience

- a monitor resolution of 1920x1080 or up is highly recommended

- an Internet connection, the faster, the better

Every Turntable setup is typically between 15 and 21 MB in size, so loading a turntable can take a couple of seconds, depending on your connection speed. Check the samples in our Freebie Section to make sure your equipment fits!

To provide an affordable proportions library for artists of all levels, we decided, not to use a membership solution with recurring monthly fees for the RealReference©Turntable Sets.

Instead, a moderate one-time fee of (at this time)
gives you “lifetime” access to one set of 12

Your access license is a personal one. You are not allow to share your access with third parties, except for persons who are living in your own household. Even though we have fraud-protection in place, we would kindly ask you to just respect the huge amount of work which goes into the creation of every single scene. Thanks for that.

We rely on the people at PayGear and the PayPal folks as our content-protection and billing partners.

So your payments are processed

through PayPal. You can pay

using their service without even being

a PayPal member. A successful

transaction grants you immediate

access to the Turntable Set(s)

you signed up for.

The Turntables are experiencing a general workover and will be back soon on our new site,